Monday, March 23, 2009

Checking in

Hey Ya'll, this is just a State of the Union address. Not a whole lot has been happening here, or at least we didn't travel to three other countries or get deported from anywhere. We have been mostly hanging around Gueret and enjoying the spring like weather and taking bets when the hill sides will turn green. We fed the ducks the other day at the lake, 
It was nice and fun. The french ducks seem to be way more aggressive and territorial than the ducks in the states. There was a lot of duck on duck crime.

We have also been going to the market in Gueret every once in a while. It's very nice, and it's nice to see the locals in a hospitable mode. The have chickens on rotisseries that you can smell down the street.
We met a nice american couple at the market last saturday. We were hoping to be able to hang out with them but the guy seemed a little on edge. We have e-mailed them but they haven't sent anything back. They live out in the sticks, and they come into town to use the internet at McDonalds so maybe they haven't got the e-mail yet.

 Gigi's friend Jason and his girlfriend Meg came to france not long ago. They got here the day I was deported. We hung out in Gueret for a couple days which was fun. We got them a little too drunk to be traveling the next day but the managed quite well.

We also have gone on many walks around town. This was through some trails near town. We brought a couple bottles of wine and cookies and had a picnic. The weather has been so nice.

Another fun thing we have been doing is traveling to Limoges which is near by. It's just an hour long train ride from here. We went to shop and enjoy a city bigger than ours. There is a river that run through the town so we played a stick dropping game on it that Kendra taught us. We didn't bother to get sticks so we used the cigarette butts under foot. I lost.

Our friend Benjamin had a concert in Limoges that we went to see. It was fantastic. He had a few clarinet solos in a piece called yiddish rhapsody. It was great and moving, I hope we get a copy of the song before we leave.

We also have had a few dinners out on the town, and went to the movie theater for my first time. It's a small theater, but one of the most comfortable I have ever been in.  We saw the wrestler, which was great. I really liked it, Gigi didn't so much. We have also seen Synecdoche, New York which was SO good. It was written and directed by Charlie Kaufman, who is a genius, but he likes to mess with your mind.

We have also been watching Six feet under which is also a mind scramble, and eating so good. Gigi has been making some awesome breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and I have been masterfully cleaning up behind here. It all just been stunning work all around. We have been playing a lot of cards. Gigi is something like 7 of 8 in wins for pinocle. She pulled a win right out from under me the other day. I had to make 3 points and she had to make nearly 50 to go out so I gave her the bid, and she puts down a double pinocle, and aces around, and wins on her going out. I was a bit distraught. 

Well it's really nice to keep in contact with everyone. Keep keeping in touch. Gigi's family comes this saturday and will be in Gueret Wednesday. It will be her mom, sister, brother, and now her Grandma too! It will be great fun, and the food will just be getting better and more plentiful. 

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